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First choose the air system to be sized. This will create a schedule and automatically assign it to your system. The gas-fired heat exchanger in the rooftop unit is used for this purpose.

Rotating the orientation of existing spaces. The Space Loads and Airflows table lists the required airflows for each space served by the system.

Another would include the preheat coil referencf, and so forth. This category of equipment includes packaged and split terminal air conditioners, hydronic fan coil units, and water hap quick reference guide pdf download heat pumps WSHPs which are used to condition separate rooms or groups of rooms. The Status Bar is the final component of the main program window and appears at the bottom of the window.

A refetence of the original space will be created and its input form will appear.

Carrier Hap Manual | Hvac | Air Conditioning

The program provides features for doing this. This covers both the operating hours for the school and the period when custodial staff is present. Pressing F1 at any time during program operation. Repeat the following steps for each of the four schedules in this example problem: Press the OK button on the Hap quick reference guide pdf download input form to save your data and return to the main program window. All HAP input forms contain a Help button.

Elements include walls, windows, doors, roofs, skylights, floors, occupants, lighting, electrical equipment, miscellaneous heat sources, infiltration, and partitions. To define weather data, a refference can be chosen from the program’s weather database, or weather parameters can be directly entered.

In this portion of the school building there are 14 rooms, but three D, D and D are identical. Keeping this data together in a single container is often more efficient hap quick reference guide pdf download keeping the data in several separate locations. Entering cooling coil conditions of Using Forms and Controls. We encourage you to read this chapter before using HAP. While entering data, changing data and generating reports, save the project periodically.


Hap Quick Reference Guide PDF Book – Mediafile Free File Sharing

This data is provided in the library of HAP simulation weather data. Dowload they are not similar, use the “new default plant” option to create each new plant. A lighting density of 3. Therefore, this chapter summarizes how the program can be used for four common categories of design applications: While entering building data it may be necessary to create electric and fuel rates to link to the building. All design work requires the same general five step procedure: Enter data for the appropriate schedule shown in Hap quick reference guide pdf download 3.

As mentioned in item 1 above, system multipliers can be hap quick reference guide pdf download when an air system represents one of a number of identical systems or units served by the chiller. Utility rate information for electric service refference any fuel sources used in the building. On the other hand, if data for the same large project was never archived and your hard disk drive fails, all the project data would be lost.

Appendix A provides specific procedures for performing all these common operating tasks. Your mouse can be used to navigate, choose options, select items and press buttons in a Windows program.

The rreference below lists the ten sizing objectives and the report and table which downlooad data needed to meet each objective. Finally, use data from the reports you generated to select the appropriate cooling and heating equipment from product catalogs or electronic catalog software. Simulates hour-by-hour operation of all plant equipment in the building.

Therefore, the same total zone loads will be calculated whether the zone is defined using one large combined space or multiple spaces hap quick reference guide pdf download separate rooms.

Carrier Hap 4.8 Manual

To customize the toolbar, double click on the toolbar. The platform now carries audiobooks from: The number of zones is specified first. Uses results of the hour-by-hour simulations to calculate total annual energy use and energy costs. Weather data is entered using the weather input form. Data for non-HVAC energy-consuming equipment.

View or print input data.

HAP 4.2 Manual

For example, clicking on the Space category name displays a list of spaces in your project in the list view. The Guide serves as a supplement to the program’s on-line help system which provides additional information including descriptions of all input items, program reports and program calculation hap quick reference guide pdf download. Quicm a zone containing several identical rooms, another approach is to define only one of the rooms as a space.

For the first 30, referenc Finally, use data from the simulation reports you generated to draw conclusions about the most favorable design alternative. The example builds on concepts and procedures discussed in Chapters 1 and 2.

In this case use the Open option on the Project Menu to open the project.