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There’s nothing in the books that a complete beginner can’t understand. Players who are new to NLHE cash games will find it initially helpful, especially if they are interested in full ring play. Sure, but you’d better understand all of pre-cal before you move on.

Similarly, there is no intrinsic need to take a moderate but likely best hand to showdown. He repeatedly hammers home his central thesis that play generally vownload and will be harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download straight-forward.

However, readers rarely get more than a glimpse of the reasoning behind the particular frequencies and combinations he recommends. We’re here for poker! Pre-flop, Harrington makes some good points about how and why to diversify your ranges.


They are people who harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download AQ to a single raise on dry Ace-high flops and let the first person to bet at a paired board take it down, no matter how implausible his line.

Discussion Harrington on cash games vol 1 vs vol2. Yes, it’s my favourite actually. A bet that exposes you to a raise is not a liability if only hands that have you crushed will make that raise. This section also debunks some common myths about pot odds and what hands should be played out of position for a discount. He suggests some analogies and thought experiments that should be very helpful to players who lack a clear understanding of metagame, implied odds, equity, and the way stack sizes affect proper play.


This legacy created unrivaled anticipation for the Harrington on Cash Games HOC series, the first two volumes of which were released simultaneously last week. The section on flop play in heads up pots is the longest in the book, and undeservedly so. Once again, Harrington explains these quite well and occasionally even rises to the level of insightful. Still a fast good read if you can’t decently calculate EV.

The games are tougher. And despite its downlaod, this section barely scratches the surface of possible harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download situations.

In his Introduction, for instance, the author analyzes a hand from High Stakes Poker where the players brutally bungle nearly every key decision point. Want to add pvf the discussion? Reading these sections of HOC Volume I before starting a session could easily double or triple the educational value of the experience accumulated during that session.

The fundamental problem is that he rarely argues in terms of equity. Reading HOC Volume 1 should certainly make cash game novices safer and more confident at the tables. Also not as advanced as I thought. For gwmes self-promotional item you share, you must hames 10x as much through comments or threads. This is required as it makes it much easier to read your post and understand your situation, which will help get you better feedback. Additionally, please avoid posting adult content.

The reason I like this is it seems pretty specific and advanced. Log in or sign onn in harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download.

Book Review: Harrington on Cash Games Volume I – Thinking Poker

Let There Be Range is basically an algebra textbook at points. It might be marginally profitable with a decent rakeback deal, but it’s not ideal and I imagine it won’t be profitable even as high as 25NL now-a-days. This is an archived post. Harrington gets a lot of tricky bits of poker theory right, harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download them concisely but clearly and convincingly. Conclusion Harrington reserves turn and river play for Volume II, which severely limits the stand-alone value of this book.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Nebulous factors such as history, table image, and meta-game can swing a call into a fold or a fold into a raise, but they are notoriously difficult to encapsulate in a playbook.

Hzrrington implied odds are about more than winning additional bets. Is Easy Game an excellent book? Caros book of tells.

Harrington on Cash Game – Volume 1

Explanation of the decision-making process, which is so much more important, is the inevitable casualty. I know you asked for books, but this free podcast improved my thinking of the game by leaps and bounds. You won’t be able to vote or comment. Harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download you’re reading them as a review, I’d skim volume 1, because, why not? They are appropriate for loose passive games.

My One Minute Recommendation: Yep Should you understand everything in Harrington’s series, and why they no longer apply to today’s games, before reading Easy Game?

What would you recommend to replace hoh? Unfortunately, people have gotten better.

Again, this makes sense given the implicitly intended audience, but it ought to have been made more clear. We follow a And despite what Harrington says, your bets should often be smaller, since the mere act of betting will command more respect. This is part of what makes it good for beginners, but it is also the reason why more advanced players will have little to gain from this volume.

The section on flop play in multi-way pots is both shorter and better. In addition, avoid making threads for quick stories and Harrington on cash games vol 1 pdf download.