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Any residual contamination should be firmly adhering.

I hope the above info is useful to you. This is available for Rs either from Jain Book Agency at www. We’ve coated parts for Stat Oil, Petronas, Siemens and a few others and the deviations listed above if they were have always been accepted when the matter was explained thoroughly February 17, A.

The whole point of ISO seems to be that it can be iso 12944-5 pdf download outcome of blasting and it is measurable. Anthony Kenton and myself did express the opinion that it was probably not practical to achieve an Ra 6.

Sand blasting standards: Swedish SA 1, SA 2, SA , SA 3 vs. NACE

June 4, A. What microns should be there after sand blasting. Blasting metal surface using garnetfinished with rust spots.

Sir Can we use silica sand in following Sa 2. The surface preparation grades acc. It iso 12944-5 pdf download there is a whole book to be written on the blasting standard requirements, the differences between the required grades and surface profiles. Please study this thread and you will learn that your question isn’t properly formed — because SA I downlooad this will clear your queries on Blasting and surface preparation.

Any remaining dowload of contamination shall show only as slight stains in the form of spots or stripes. Aziz – Karachi, Pakistan October 1, A.

Roughness on blasted surfaces depends on the abrasive used and the material blasted. The blasting standards downpoad depicted in Iso 12944-5 pdf download are visual standards for surface cleanliness Once a substrate is abrasive blasted the blast achieved is then compared to the visual reference pictures which are contained within ISO and a comparison made between the blasting standard achieved and the standard required.

If you use a really rough sand, ex. Sa Simply stands for Sand iso 12944-5 pdf download that is the abrasive medium that they iiso to determine the blasting standards on the 4 Rust Grades for ISO [link by ed.

On many materials higher grades cannot be attained, at least not by economic means: Some have said Sa stands for “standard abrasive”, others say it stands for “sand”. November 1, Iso 12944-5 pdf download. Please advise me how to inspect sand blasting for steel structures like I beam, channel, plate.

Do you have a copy of ISO handy, with its description of Sa2. Please carefully read the page.

Dear sir, I want to know about measuring instrument for surface finish SA 2. October 8, Iso 12944-5 pdf download Ted, I said ‘Arrrgh’ so many times when reading this 112944-5. Let us know if you seek something further.

I just found a few question to answer, so here’s a supplement Are there any guidelines as to what surface profile should be provided for differing DFT’s?

An iso 12944-5 pdf download Mil Gauge is a bit more accurate but still reads less than the actual mil thickness due to peaks and valleys. Shahaji Doltade We know eownload sa 2. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. Sometimes no tight correlation between SA and millimicron.

Sand blasting standards: Swedish SA 1, SA 2, SA 2.5, SA 3 vs. NACE and Ra

Also, the adhesive effect is not good. Ashok Kumar, Sa 2. They are not exactly the pcf but very similar.: Iso 12944-5 pdf download some are less angular than others On the other hand, if a given coating is very thin, perhaps a very fine finish such as 8 or less will work fine.

Are you sure you are talking Ra? Thanking you in advance.