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Reaching the notes in the higher register can be more difficult.

Listen to 2 Note Samba. All together, there are more than 2 hours of accompaniments.

If you have a different flute, they will sound different in pitch. You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly. Each day for 5 days. The same is true indian flute lessons pdf download playing the bansuri. You can also make up your own alankaars.

Listen to The William Tell Overture. Tighten your lips as much as possible so that the air is flowing indian flute lessons pdf download through a very small hole in your lips. I demonstrate this in the pictures below: Many combinations are possible.

The same amount of water is flowing out of the hose, but because the opening through which the water must pass is smaller, the water accelerates.

The main thing to remember is that you do not need to blow harder but instead make your embouchure smaller so that the air flows faster through your lips. What better gift can you give your child or yourself?

indian flute lessons pdf download

This free 5-day course gets you started today, and I promise NEVER to spam pdg or share your email address with anyone. How to Put the Flute Together The flute comes in 3 pieces – head joint, middle joint and foot joint.

Raise the dlute indian flute lessons pdf download that the blowing hole is in front of your lips and aligned with them. For example, here’s a description of the treble clef, one of the first terms you will learn: The air also needs to be more focused with the air flowing faster. A good way to imagine this is by thinking of a garden hose.

Learn How to Play Flute. 72 Page PDF with Audio Tracks

Notes in blue lessojs notes in the middle register. Notes in pink with an apostrophe after them are notes in the highest register. For the higher indian flute lessons pdf download, you must use the same amount of air but make your embouchure smaller, thus increasing the air speed.

It teaches you all the things you need to know to play the flute. The following exercises require the use of the tongue.

Home About How to Play The idea is here is just to hold the flute up to your mouth so the the blowing hole is under your lips. Indian flute lessons pdf download demonstrate the exercises in videos below on a G bass flute. It is far more important to get a sound first before we try to cover the holes and learn the notes.

Learning Hindustani music takes much longer, even though you should begin learning as soon as you can play the notes. When you play, you must learn how to breathe in dosnload, using your abdomen and then release the air slowly. For example, you could play: You get a money back guarantee. It is also possible to practice these alankaars with grace notes.

How to Read Music Reading indian flute lessons pdf download is a skill that is very helpful to know when you play an instrument.

This is normal when you are a beginner because beginners tend to blow without using the full capacity of their lungs and they also tend to blow too indian flute lessons pdf download. In order to indian flute lessons pdf download the full flhte of your lungs, it is necessary to diwnload abdominal breathing which is similar to a technique for breath control used in yoga called “pranayama”. To begin with, do not worry about covering any holes on the flute.

Listen to how good you can sound with just 2 notes! It will be helpful if you take lessons from a teacher also, but you can still achieve a lot by yourself.