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Too small a tappet clearance may reduce engine power, too large a tappet clearance increases valve noise and hastens valve and seat wear. Check that all bolts and nuts listed below are tightened to their specified torque.

Inspect initially after 20 hours 1 month and every hours 12 months.

Start engine and allow to warm up, then shut engine off. Before checking ignition timing, make sure idle speed is adjusted within specification. Place a container under engine oil drain plug.

Start engine and allow to warm up as follows: Two tappets can be adjusted at the same time 5. Also, be sure to replace spark plug if it has a broken insulator, damaged thread, etc. The outboard marine mechanic should carefully read the text and become familiar with the 90HP marine engine service manual mariner 25 hp outboard manual pdf download before beginning the work. Downlaod head cover bolt Flywheel bolt Power unit mounting bolt Clamp bracket shaft nut Gearcase bolt Propeller nut.

Place a container under lower unit.

To avoid insufficient injection of gear oil, check gear oil level 10 minutes after doing procedure in step 6. Attach engine tachometer to the ignition high-tension cord. After testing, reinstall oil pressure switch. Install compression gauge hose attachment into plug hole, then connect compression gauge hose to gauge hose attachment and compression gauge. Inspect case and under panel. Change initially after 20 hours 1 month and every hours 6 months. The anode should be periodically cleaned with a wire brush to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Install gasket and oil drain plug. Oil level should be between full level hole Mariner 25 hp outboard manual pdf download. Remove tappet holder 1 and tighten camshaft housing bolts to specified torque.

Installation is reverse order of removal. Michael Edwards April 17, at 2: Inspect water 225 impeller. V6 Cylinder, Two Cycle. After checking and adjusting all tappet clearances, install cylinder head cover. Replace every hours 12 months.

Remove breather hose 1 and evaporation hose 2 from cylinder head cover. Check engine oil level.

Install oil level plug before removing oil filler tube from drain hole. Remove oil pressure switch. Start engine and allow it to run for several minutes at idle speed. Start engine and allow to warm up. After removing shim, measure thickness of original shim and determine correct thickness of shim for proper tappet clearance as calculated by following formula.

Inspect electrode for a worn or burnt condition. Remove bolts and air duct 3. Perform every 2 years.

Mercury Mariner Outboard 4 HP 4-stroke Service Manual Free Download | Service Repair Manuals

Its recommended to only use the exact tools, as specified in the factory 90HP outboard manual. Starting Serial Number 0T Measure tappet clearances by inserting thickness gauge between cam and shim surface. This is a left hand LH rotation powerhead. A short beep will be heard if cancellation is successfully finished.

The tappet clearance specification is the same for both intake and exhaust valves. Open warm-up lever to turn CTP switch off. There’s nothing these 90HP repair manuals doesn’t cover. In this engine, the tappet clearance is increased or decreased by replacing the shim disc, made of a special wear resistant material, fitted to jp top mariner 25 hp outboard manual pdf download the tappet.