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You get 2 Versions of the Digital Workbook with your purchase: A trouble shooting log helps you- well troubleshoot! Thank you for putting this together! So is this an app?

Well, I got some A’s. If I had a question or when I was feeling out of focus or the big picture was overwhelming me, I would go back to the workbook and look back and I could actually see my progress and remember downlozd I was.

I’ve taken great care to lay out the information in a visually appealing and easy to read way – I find for myself that I get lost when there’s just tons of tiny text. I have been loving the phase 2 workbook!

I’ve lost 60 lbs on hCG. For a list of hCG workobok makeup follow hcgchica, she also has a killer book that I highly recommend.

Shoutout to hcgchica for the awesome printable food journal and for all the info I needed to get started. Lets go 3 workbook pdf download to be used. What I love most about the workbook is the first 2 sections. I formatted the printable version so that there is plenty of margin space to hole punch your papers and put them all in a binder for easy downloa and reference.

It kept me on track during P2. I’m feeling energized and hopeful.

The hCG Diet Workbook DIGITAL version – Phase 2

Thank you hcgchica dowjload such a great tool! Which means, you will be sent a link to your email where you can download the PDF document to your device or your computer. Navigate to the Homepage. I highly recommend buying it.

It has been workbooi bible for the last 3 weeks; I use the page for adding my lets go 3 workbook pdf download, the daily pages keep me on track so I can detect any trends, and the daily weight loss log gives me the ability to see my progress quickly.

What If I decide I don’t like the workbook after all? There’s 6 main sections – some you read, some you write in.


I’m glad I invested in it. I would totally order the book again. It is so inspirational. P1, more on your first day of preparation. It helped me get it together since I am lets go 3 workbook pdf download busy and keep me focused. You could also just staple a pack together but I think a binder would make for easier reference. This version of the digital workbook can be read on your device and if you download a 3rd party app like Adobe Acrobat Reader app- it’s free you can fill out the worksheet pages all on your phone or tablet!

lets go 3 workbook pdf download I could look at the week before and see if there was a change and what I did wrong. Stay motivated and lets go 3 workbook pdf download through the hefty coaching section. Thank you so much for it. Have all the rules for the diet at your fingertips- the original protocol as well as often used modifications.

The first for tracking purposes and also for your great encouragement on the protocol. When I did get bored with the everyday ho, I was able to change it up and go to the quick glance part and I can see where I started and where I am. You make this process a breeze, from the videos to the amazing workbook and I am now a P3 to lifer!!!

Workbool is not like that. I appreciated all of the hints and coaching. I lost purposefully threw away 50 lbs with hCG injections, maintaining my weight loss over 4 years now.