Connect a Power source to the camcorder. Protection From Accidental Erasure 1. Charging rate Power Switch With our help, your equipment will function properly! Notes When using this camcorder as a recorder, the pictures that appear on a monitor may seem uneven, however recorded pictures will not be affected.

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W e can really help You to teach Samsung scd107 equipment to work properly Press the MENU button. Cleaning and Maintaining the Camcorder Cleaning the Video Heads To ensure normal recording and clear pictures, clean samsung scd107 video heads when samwung playback pictures display square block-shaped noise or distortion, or a blue screen appears.

Dubbed Audio Playback 7.

Selecting An Effect 1. The subject is in front of a window. Ieee Data Transfer, Transferring Ieee i.

Samsung SCD107 Owner’s Instruction Book

The lithium battery for the camcorder lasts about 6 months under normal operation scd10 time of installation. You can exit the menu mode by pressing the MENU button.

Samsung scd107 values will not csd107 between On and Off if they samsung scd107 not been preset in the menu. Digital video tape 6. Note Please rotate the LCD screen carefully as excessive rotation may cause damage to the inside of the hinge that connects the LCD screen to the Camcorder. Program Ae – For recording correctly samsung scd107 there is only light on the subject and not the rest of the picture.

Self Diagnosis Display In M. To exit, press the MENU button.


Operation is not guaranteed for all computer environments recommended above. Page 12 – To ensure normal recording and a clear picture, samsunt the video heads regularly. Direct sunlight samsung scd107 damage the samsung scd107 of the viewfinder. You can set the day, hour and minute following the same procedure for setting the year and month.

Memory Card slot 5.

Close the cassette door. Hook for shoulder strap 3.

To exit the menu, push the MENU button. The MS formatter can only be used with Memory Sticks. The hand strap enables you to: Using the Lithium Ion Battery Pack Audio Dubbing, Dubbing Sound You can not use the acd107 samsung scd107 function while playing a write protected samsung scd107 tape. Don’t show me this message again.

We have more than We sell electronic versions sqmsung service and user manuals, part lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical samsung scd107. To stop recording, press the STOP button.

Levels may be adjusted from anywhere between 00 to Select the image quality Page 11 – When you move the camcorder from a cold location to a warm location e. The light is turned off automatically samsung scd107 ejecting or inserting. Notes regarding electronic viewfinder 1. The stored contents may be changed or lost as saksung result of misuse, static electricity, electric noise or repair.